Welcome Om

Dear Spiritual Songwriter,

Your unique perspective on the world, your way of communicating your consciousness, your delicious rainbow expression of Emotions... Wow. It's a delight to imagine the Next Level of songs that will flow through You!

My intention is that this is an enriching, beautiful, exciting, meaningful, and empowering experience for you. I invite you to explore this course intuitively, or from A to Z, however feels best. I hope that the waves of inspiration that flowed me to create this will grant you awesome momentum on your musical journey.

Before we flow on, I feel inspired to explore the question of, why write a song? There are infinitudes of songs in the world already. Why do we feel driven to create new ones?

For me, songwriting is healing, fun, and inspiring. However it's more than that... Especially now when the waves of change are powerful, songwriting can be an amazing way to navigate towards the Heaven on Earth I desire to create. It's like my Soul knows what's possible, and the Songs not only help me through my human experience, they also open up portals of Positive Possibilities that can Illuminate the way for Others.

Music is extremely important and valuable during this time of spiritual awakening, especially as in many ways it feels like new territory. Hope is needed. Love is needed. Light is needed. Thank you for showing up to be a conduit. May you be deeply inspired and richly rewarded on your Journey...

Great Music Love,

Queen Cora Flora

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