Music has the power to heal, inspire, and enlighten.

Songs can soothe our souls, evolve our consciousness, and connect us in beautiful ways. Writing our own is immensely satisfying and empowering to share!

Amidst the challenging changes in our world, there is a spiritual renaissance happening, and many of us are being called to share our inspiration musically.

This course is designed to support you in creating your next chapter of authentic, meaningful, heartfelt songs from planning to production and beyond...


Ready to Begin?

Your Teacher, Cora Flora

Cora is a Multi-Dimensional Music Flower with experience in channeling, songwriting, performing, recording, producing, releasing, and promoting Music. Through deeply personal yet expansively universal songs, she flows Music that gives you empowering conscious lyrics and a playful resonance of Soul Connection.

Music's always been flowing to and through her. She began officially writing songs at age 13 when she started playing guitar. What began as a fun passion became a nourishing way to connect with and express her soul. As she crystallized her craft, opportunities to share her songs live and online blossomed, with touring journeys around the World and Magical Connections Online.

She now has 7 albums of original Music exploring her / Divine perspectives of Love, Environmental Connection, Sexual Healing, Spiritual Awakening, Soulful Sovereignty, and More. She presently lives on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada.